Rites to Ruin are traditional heavy metal at its finest with a distinctly modern twist.

Fronted by vocal powerhouse Krissie Kirby (Triaxis), Rites to Ruin are a five piece heavy metal band based in South Wales and West of England. 

With Matt Chambers (Triaxis, In the Absence of Light) & Lee Cartner on guitar, Paul Boschen (Burn thy Enemy) on bass and Tom Ross on drums, Rites to Ruin offers a distinct slice of NWOBHM promising a loud sound that will have you head banging in seconds.

Krissie has previously fronted British metallers Triaxis, as well as having a background in cabaret, swing, soul and pretty much any genre of music you can think of. Having taken a 2 year hiatus from music, she is back with Rites to Ruin alongside, Matt Chambers, Tom Ross and Lee Cartner.

Krissie has toured much of the UK and Europe with Triaxis, supported Blaze Bayley (ex-Iron Maiden and Wolfsbane), Queensryche, Girls School, Tygers of Pan Tang, amongst others as well as performing multiple times at Hammerfest and three times at Bloodstock Open Air Festival.

Krissie recorded three internationally selling albums while with Triaxis, ‘Key to the Kingdom’, ‘Rage and Retribution’ and ‘Zero Hour’. Metal Hammer magazine commented that Krissie’s voice ‘has the range and melodic intelligence of Heart’s Ann Wilson, but with more than a dash of Dio’s dramatic power.’ While Sara Letourneau, Sonic Cathedral Webzine, says ‘Kirby is as charismatic as they come. She can be a somber storyteller or the witch from your worst nightmare.’ Krissie’s influences range from Freddie Mercury, to Devin Townsend, to Iron Maiden, to Dusty Springfield, to Ella Fitzgerald, to Ronnie James Dio and beyond!

Being an avid gamer, Krissie streams her gameplay (along with other craft based content) on her Twitch Channel. She is also a Voice Actor, having recently trained with Bristol Academy of Voice Acting, a major nerd who enjoys playing D&D and likes to spend her free time running about a scout camp being a hero (aka LRP).  She is also a Wonder Woman super fan, a fitness enthusiast, dressmaker, and enjoys a stroll in her local forestry now and then.

Krissie exclusively uses Shure Microphones and in-ear monitoring.

Images: Jen Boschen