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Dec 22nd 2021 – Live at The exchange bristol

Having waited 19 months for this gig, it was a crying shame that Rites to Ruin played their first gig to a minuscule audience. They deserve better … and bigger. It’s been a good while since singer Krissie Kirby’s incredible vocals have been heard in the live arena but the former Triaxis front-woman reminded those present that good things truly do come to those who wait. At times she had to hold the microphone a good foot away from her, such is the power that she possesses. Rites to Ruin may be relatively unknown but their debut EP Fire, which comprised four fifths of the set, is a cracking taster of what the band are capable of. Opening with a new track, which fitted neatly with the other four, this was a cathartic exercise with Krissie getting her Birmingham and Bristol mixed up, such was the exhilaration of being on a stage again. The band are tight and in Lee Cartner they possess a guitarist of considerable skill and guile, as he tore out solo after solo. 30 minutes passed in a heartbeat and a beaming band had broken the debut cherry. Onwards and upwards.

Paul Hutchings, The Razor’s Edge

Sept 7th 2021

Rites to Ruin caught up with The Razor’s Edge to talk about all things R2R and the Fire EP:


Sept 13th 2021

Game, Brrraaains & a head-banging life – review the fire EP

Rites to Ruin really hit the spot with Fire. Four tracks and 20 minutes that passes in seconds as you can so easily get lost in each and every song. From the riffs, to the excellent drums, the strong bass line, insanely good vocals and of course the solo mastery, it’s a combination of power and passion which may well hark back to traditional metal but has more than enough of a modern edge to make it not just a nostalgia trip and very relevant in today’s music scene.

Rites to Ruin are a collection of talented musicians who have combined to create a really fun, entertaining and memorable EP in Fire. It’s well worth your time so check it out, enjoy it and keep an eye on for what comes next.

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Sept 3rd 2021